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Scottish skies

I quit my job!

I've not been feeling so much like writing lately, because I haven't felt like I was able to really pour my soul into my writing. I think that in blogging it's...
Hiking Scottish hills

I have only one goal this year; loving myself better

It’s the beginning of 2018, and this year's January has been one of reflection for me. As other people have been asking me about my resolutions for the new year, I...
Solo travel in Prague

My first solo travel experience; I have no regrets

I wrote this on my way back home when my Interrail trip had finished. It was the last leg, a fast train from Germany to the Netherlands, where I would stop...
Salento Colombia

Sunny Journeys is one year old! First blog anniversary

Today, one year ago, I posted on this blog for the first time. I can’t believe it’s been a year already, time is going so fast. So much has happened over...
Sunlit leaves Sunny Journeys

Six months later: what happened to my project of New Year’s resolutions?

Today we find ourselves exactly in the middle of the year. This isn’t normally anything I pay attention to, but I thought that this year it would be a good opportunity...