Scottish skies

I’ve not been feeling so much like writing lately, because I haven’t felt like I was able to really pour my soul into my writing. I think that in blogging it’s so important to be authentic and share your true thoughts with your readers, but since my blog is not anonymous, I feel like I can’t always be completely honest when at risk of hurting people.

Big change has just happened in my life, I have quit my job! I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now. The reason is that I have a dream. I have dream of a future of freedom. A future when I make a living on my own terms. A dream of independence, in any possible meaning of the word.

I want to always be in a position where I can live life on my terms. I want to never have to diplomatically hold back my opinion. I want to have my own ethical standards and never sacrifice them for my job. I want to be able to decide how much time I put into my work and be able to cut back working hours if my family needs me. I want to do something that I enjoy, and something that might inspire other people.

Berlin wall
Dreaming of true freedom

It must be about two years ago now, that a seed was planted inside my mind. It was the idea of location independent work. And not just location independence alone, but self-employment or entrepreneurship as well. It was around two years ago that a started reading a little more about the concept of location independence. I loved the thought of it, but I didn’t think it was something that could work for me, because I didn’t have any of the skills that people seem to be selling as digital nomads. I’m a Politics student, and politics is hardly a field that allows for self-employed/location independent work, for as far as I know. So this idea took a little bit of a back seat, but the seed had been planted. Over time I couldn’t stop thinking about the idea. I’ve been doing so much reading and dreaming that I feel it doesn’t matter to me any longer whether I can do anything politics related, because I want the location independence more.

I’m still working very hard to get good results on my Politics degree, because I still value it a lot. My studies have helped me see the world and the media from a critical viewpoint. I know very well that there are always different sides to the story the media tells us, and our worldview (the liberal view) is not the only way to see the world. To study politics and travel in my time off has helped me realise that things are not black or white and there often isn’t just one truth out there. I want to see how different people view the world and try very hard not be so narrow minded to judge them from above as so many people with a liberal worldview would do. In this way I believe that studying Politics is something so relevant for someone who likes to travel. As much as people like to pretend this is not the case, travel and politics are closely intertwined and even more so in the globalised world we live in.

About a year ago, I joined several Facebook groups to help me grow this blog. Initially I was just looking to simply exchange social media likes with people, because at the time I thought my social media numbers looked ‘pathetic’. But the thing is that these Facebook groups have given me so much more than that. The two groups in which I have done the most reading must have been ‘Female Travel Bloggers’ and ‘Digital Nomad Girls’. I’ve also joined a few female travel Facebook groups, to find inspiration for solo-female travel. I feel like joining these Facebook groups has been such a game changer for me. Reading about other girls’ experiences has really given me the feeling that maybe my dream wasn’t so unrealistic. If other women are making location independent incomes, then why shouldn’t I be able to do the same?

Scottish landscape
Willing to follow a pathway into the unknown 🙂

So it turns out I quit my job for several reasons. My studies were suffering because I always felt short of time, I didn’t like the stressful feeling it gives me to feel rushed all the time. The past academic year has been specifically hard for me, because I wasn’t very happy with all topics I had to study. Combine this with a job as a nanny and I didn’t have a lot of energy left to put any time into this blog or personal development. I had too much to do, so in the end I felt like everything I did was rushed and not done well. It was as if I was in a downward spiral and something had to give. I really want to finish my studies because I’ve come so far and invested so much time and money into it already. This blog is still something I wanted to grow, so I wasn’t happy having ignored it for the past months. So after lots of thinking and long chats with David, we decided that we could miss my income for some time while I finish my studies and try to build an income for myself online.

I’m so grateful to have David’s support and I’m very excited to start trying out lots of different ideas in the coming months. But first, I’m going away for a few weeks! Last year on my interrail trip I was so surprised by Kraków that I decided I wanted to see more of Poland. So that’s where I’m headed this week! I’ll be away for 3 weeks, of which I’m going to spend most of the time in Poland. I’m also travelling alone once again, but this time I’m not scared, just super excited! My plans for this trip are not set in stone, but at the moment I’m planning to visit Poznań, Warsaw, Zakopane, Kraków, Wrocław and Leipzig in Germany. I would have loved to visit Gdańsk as well, but it was a bit further away from the rest of these cities, so I think I will leave it for another time.

Me in Kraków last year!

Since I haven’t posted a lot this past year, there is lots of catching up for me to do. I’ll take some time to think about where I want to take this blog and then I’m planning to do lots of writing the coming months. But first, Poland, here I come ?


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