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Being a digital nomad is a dream I’ve had for years, and I’ve mostly kept it hidden from people I speak to in my daily life because I’m always afraid of people’s judgment and criticism. But I don’t want to hide it any longer. This is my dream, and I’m working to make it happen. I want to be a digital nomad. Some of you may wonder, what even is that? So, a digital nomad is a person who makes money while they travel. They could do this with a remote job, as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or a mix of those. Whatever it is, it should not depend on them being physically present in a certain location. For example, a graphic designer from the US might be traveling in Asia, but they can still make their income because they work on their laptop and it doesn’t matter whether they are at home or anywhere else in the world. The idea is that you don’t need to slave away doing a job you may or may not like, facing the same commute every day to get to your office, where your work might not even be super productive anyway. All this time, you desperately wait for your few days or weeks of holidays when you can finally travel for a short time, and then this cycle repeats itself. Think about it, if you are given a certain task in your job, and the task gets done, does it really matter where and when exactly it was done? As long as you do the work you need to do, within the given deadline, the rest is just pointless, in my opinion.

The first time I heard the term digital nomad was some time in the autumn of 2015 when I had just started my degree in politics. I suddenly saw stories of being a digital nomad appear on a few travel blogs I read at the time, and I was intrigued. But I didn’t think it would be something I could ever do, because I didn’t have any of the skills those people had. I had just started studying politics and couldn’t think of any type of remote job I could do in that field. Starting an online business on the basis of a politics degree seemed even less fitting. So I decided to push the idea somewhere very much to the back of my mind and kept working on getting my degree. But the idea had a growing presence in my mind. I just couldn’t help it. Over the years, it looks like many more people have joined the digital nomad revolution, and I felt inspired. I don’t remember exactly when I decided to try becoming a digital nomad myself, but I’ve slowly started believing that it might actually be possible for me.

Table with laptop
This will be my workspace when I’m at home 🙂

So I have decided to go for it. First, I want to start as a virtual assistant, because that seems like quite an entry-level position for someone like me. A virtual assistant, or VA, is basically someone who helps entrepreneurs with whatever tasks they need help with to lighten their workload. It could be social media, blog writing, admin tasks, and more. Right now, I’m working on a course I bought to learn all the ins and outs about being a VA. When I finish the course, I might write a review if I think it might help others. My main reason for choosing to become a VA at first is that I’ve never really known what I wanted to do for work, and I think as a VA I could have a bit more of a varied experience so I can decide later on if I might want to specialize in something. There are just so many things that sound interesting to me, that I really wouldn’t be able to choose without trying things out. I’m also hoping that I could work as a VA for someone who does something I’m interested in, and then through my work, I’d get a look behind the scenes to see if it could be something for me. So maybe I will try out different things after I’ve tried being a VA, who knows ? If working online sounds interesting to you, I’d highly recommend you to read this blog and find out about many different types of work you could do online.

I would also like to try to make an income from this blog, see how far I could take it. I already have the blog and I’d love to inspire people with my writing. I also have so many new ideas to write about, much more than just travel. Although you won’t notice too much right now when visiting my blog, behind the scenes I’ve been working for several months to take my blog to a higher level. But my main focus, for now, will be on freelance work as a VA because I need to prove to myself that this is possible for me. The timing is perfect right now, I’ve just finished my degree and if I need to find work anyway, it might as well be online. I’m planning to keep you updated here on my blog, so I can hopefully inspire you the way I’ve been inspired by others before me!


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