Lately I’ve felt like something is happening to me, as if I have seen the light in some way. I think it all started around the time of the Brexit result following the EU referendum here in the UK. I am willing to admit that I cried on the morning of the Brexit result, I couldn’t believe what I read on my news app and I took it very personal! The whole of Friday the 24th of June, I spent in a blur of an emotion I can only compare to mourning. As if I could not quite believe what happened, yet occasionally the truth would sink in and I would realise that it had really happened. And then I cried some more.


I believe it was that day, or perhaps one of the following days, when I came to the realisation that every one individual person on our planet can cause a change. We can all have a small or large, and good or bad influence on the situation of the world we live in. I realised that most things that happen in the world, can be drawn back to the will and motivations of individual people. It may sound stupid, but I felt quite overwhelmed with this realisation. That actually, the current state the world is in, is just one large addition of the consequences of human decisions and behaviour. It is since that moment, that I have really felt that we, normal people, can make a difference in the world.

What if some of the influential Leave campaigners had decided to stay home and let go of the opportunity to put their stamp on the Leave campaign, or what if they had chosen to represent the Remain camp instead? What if David Cameron had never become Prime Minister again in the first place, so he wouldn’t have been able to hold an EU referendum? And what if Westminster politicians had decided to react differently to the result of the referendum? After all, it is because of the accumulation of individual decisions that the country is taking this U-turn.

I feel now, more than ever, that we can leave our mark on the world, as long as we’re striving for something we feel passionate about. We’ll have to take risks, and push through when things get tough. We’ll need to challenge ourselves to climb the highest mountain, even if we aren’t sure if we will ever make it to the top. I believe that if, every day, we challenge ourselves to take yet another step and live our life according to our values, we can have a positive influence on this beautiful world we all share. If you set your mind to it, you can achieve great things. But don’t forget to enjoy life every day, because after all, life is all about the journey.


On this blog, I’m planning to write about my journeys, mostly related to my travels around the world and my experiences as a European living in London, but perhaps I will occasionally write about my journey of personal development and my opinion on national or international politics. I am a Politics and International Relations student after all!

The word Sunny in the name of my blog has several meanings to me. The first part of my surname, loosely translated, means sunny. As a word, sunny makes me think of positivity, warmth and happiness. I want this blog to be an uplifting experience, both for me and for any potential reader. Apart from these things I also love the sun, and I can only dream of a life in which I would avoid winters all together!

I hope you will follow me on my sunny journeys!


Disclaimer: Political views in this post are my personal opinion, I don’t wish to offend anyone and you are free to disagree should you wish so. All I want to ask is that this happens in a respectful manner. Offensive comments will not be allowed.


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