About Rianne

About Sunny Journeys

Hi and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Rianne, a down to earth Dutch girl with a love for travel and a desire for a life of freedom. I’m on a mission to make my income online and empower other girls to start following their own dreams as well!

On my blog you’ll find a mix of writing about travel, personal development, feminism and whatever else might take my fancy. I love horse riding, so I might focus some of my travels on that. What you won’t find here is an Insta model. I promise never to do it just for the ‘gram. Only ever for the love of life and desire to see the beauty of the world!

I love: fruits, ice cream, dancing, admiring nature’s beauty, horses, reading, photography train travel and hiking (though I’m not very good at it)

Don’t love: cold, alcohol, wearing high heels, lazy holidays where you don’t see your destination, anything that’s fake, people without an opinion, narrow-mindedness

Thanks for sharing this journey with me, I hope you’ll stay around for more!


Rianne x