About Rianne

About Sunny Journeys

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I’m Rianne, a down to earth Dutch girl with a love for travel and a desire for a life of freedom. I’m on a mission to empower young women to live the life of their dreams!

On my blog you’ll find a mix of writing about travel, personal development, feminism and whatever else might be relevant here. I love horse riding, so some of my travels will be about horses, but that won’t be my main focus. What you also won’t find here is an Insta model. I promise never to do it just for the ‘gram. Only ever for the love of life and desire to see the beauty of the world!

I’ve been married for some years now, as I got married very young. But I’ve always known that I would never want to be just someone’s wife, I’m my own person first and foremost. I think every woman should be able to be whoever they want to be, regardless of society’s expectations. Women are more than the tags placed on them. I’m married, but I love solo travel, having my own friends that I meet while David (my husband) meets his own friends and especially having autonomy over my own body and mind. I think having our own separate lives, makes time deliberately spent together so much better.

I love: fruits, ice cream, dancing, admiring nature’s beauty, horses, reading, photography train travel and hiking (though I’m not very good at it)

Don’t love: cold, alcohol, wearing high heels, lazy holidays where you don’t see your destination, anything that’s fake, people without an opinion, narrow-mindedness

Thanks for sharing this journey with me, I hope you’ll stay around for more!


Rianne x