About Rianne

About Sunny Journeys

Thanks for dropping by, I’m Rianne, a twenty-something Dutch girl who is totally in love with travelling and discovering different cultures! I’m completely in awe of the amount of people sharing this amazing planet, all having their own different lifes and stories, and fascinated to experience the different cultures of as many countries as I can possibly see.

It has all started in my teenage years, when my parents finally succumbed to the pressure of the internet age, and got our computer a decent internet connection. I started reading about all different parts of the world, and as South America in particular fascinated me, I wanted so badly to head over there for a year in a high school exchange programme I had found out about. Unfortunately with my newspaper round I never quite managed to save enough to make it happen, but now that I’m in my twenties, I’m hoping to give myself another opportunity to live the dream!

As I’m currently living in London for my studies, I’ll be devoting a special part of my blog to anything I love about London. Apart from that I’ll be using my time off work and study to travel to as many interesting places I can, and I will love sharing it with you!